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About Me

A dynamic photographer with growing expertise in portraiture, documentary photography and art-based approaches, with a particular interest in music and performing arts portraiture and events coverage.  Independent, reliable, creative and technically proficient, he works with great attention to detail and highest professional standards in all assignments he undertakes.

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My Story

Love to explore and experiment within my photography work exploring through both digital and analogue formats to create professional and high quality photography. 

Within music photography, the aims are to capture the excitement and enjoyment the event. Whereas with the portraiture, explore and capture the subject within photograph, their unique character and nature throughout the expression of the individual.

During my free time, I passionately enjoy practicing with my analogue camera: Canon A1 (35mm Camera) in the art of street, architecture and documentary, to practice my skills and knowledge of photography when going into my digital photography for quality and professionalism, also push the creative and artistic notion within my photography, showing narrative and character within each image or series.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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